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SNC Lavalin’s Atkins business is one of the largest multidisciplinary, multi sector engineering design consultancies in the world and is part of the SNC Lavalin Group.

As one of the world’s most respected design, engineering, and project management consultancies with a leading track record in the defense sector, Atkins are ideally placed to respond to this market. We have a broad establishment and proud, 50-year history throughout the Middle East region.

We provide a full range of design, engineering and project management services for buildings, transportation and other infrastructure programmes.

Atkins in the Middle East now employs around 2,000 staff serving Gulf clients across all market sectors from offices in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Doha, Dubai, Jeddah, Kuwait City, Manama, Muscat, Riyadh, and Sharjah.

Title: Site QA/QC Inspector

Department: Site Operations

Location: Middle East

Reports to: Project Manager / Resident Engineer / Sites Quality Manager/ Lead QA/QC Engineer /Site Area Manager (SAM)

Job Summary

To implement all aspects of the quality management systems and site supervision activities

provision related to the Civil / Structural / Architectural Works across the project, perform

inspections to deliver quality installations in accordance with the contract documents, relevant

international standards and local authorities’ requirements.

Functional Relationships

  • Site Area Manager (SAM)
  • Project Manager (PM)
  • Resident Engineer (RE)
  • Site Head of Disciplines (SHODs)
  • All Discipline Staff
  • Sites Quality Manager (SQM)
  • Lead Site QA/QC Engineer (LSQE)
  • Office Manager Site Operations (OMSOD)
  • Site HSE Engineer (SHSEE)

Primary Responsibility

Visit project site frequently (as required) to supervise the ongoing construction activities.To ensure that the Works are carried out safely and in-line with quality standards, in accordance to contract documents.


Site QA/QC Inspector

  • Evaluation of the Contractors Quality manual in conjunction with the SQM / LSQE.
  • Evaluation of the MEP contractors and subcontractors Quality manual in conjunction with the SQM/LSQE.
  • Review the contractors Inspection Test Plan and all QA/QC documentations.
  • Evaluate the QA/QC system implementation by the contractor on site and ensure the compliance with their Quality manual.
  • Ensure the contractor have adequate QC personnel on site during all production shift operations to perform the inspection and tests.
  • Ensure the contractor provides QA/QC procedures, method statements and current document at the locations where they are to be used (Note: this will include code/standards referenced in the specifications, method statements and inspection test plan)
  • Ensure the contractor performing inspections, sampling and testing of materials in accordance with the specified standards and as approved in the Inspection test plan.
  • Inspect the on-site and off-site materials to be used in the project, organize/witness field and laboratory Tests, conducted by third parties on construction materials to ascertain their compliance with the specification.
  • Ensure the contractor uses an approved material testing laboratory accredited by municipality construction quality control and research for testing.
  • Attend and co-ordinate site quality meetings in conjunction with PM/RE.
  • Raise non-conformance notices (NCNs)/reports; site inspection notices (SINs) identify quality deficiencies in conjunction with the PM/RE.
  • Review the corrective actions proposed by the contractor, respond/follow ups and close out procedure.
  • Review and respond to the preventive actions proposed by the contractor.
  • Check contractor’s storage facilities, shades etc.; ensure manufacturer’s recommendations are followed and conformance to above.
  • Maintain a Sample room for approved materials in accordance with the contract.
  • Participate in Mock up inspections/ stage inspections and ascertain that the work is executed in accordance with the contract document and approved standards.
  • Keep, monitor and follow up as necessary and maintain complete record(s) concerning the execution of the works.
  • Inspection, sampling and testing of materials to assure that compliance with the contract specification.
  • Sampling for testing of construction material to confirm compliance with the mix design and contract specification.
  • Periodic inspection of the concrete batch plants and monitor/control quality of mix delivered to site.
  • Assist in the review and forward comments on the contractor’s method statement for execution of the works.
  • Assist in the review and forward any comments on the contractor’s technical submittals.
  • Attend site technical coordination meetings to discuss contractor (s) submissions, shop drawings, material submittals and construction related matters.
  • Carry out the final inspection for certification of final completion and handing over of the works.
  • Inspect the work done by the contractor(s) to ascertain that work is executed in accordance with the Contract Documents and accepted practice.
  • Identify potential safety concerns and inform the contractor (s).
  • Liaise with the SQM/LSQE for the effective implementation of the quality management systems and site supervision.
  • Ensure that all statutory authority NOC’s / permits / design approvals are available on site for construction.
  • Conduct regular (daily) site visits and supervise, verify the installation of civil / structural / architectural works ensuring compliance with the contract documents.
  • Assist in the review of final handing over procedure with SQM/LSQE.
  • Liaise with the Statutory Authorities and follow up all final inspection and approvals as required.
  • Carry out the final inspection for certification of final completion and handing over of the works.
  • Project Interface
  • Maintaining the Quality management system compliant with ISO 9001-2008 and with statutory, regulatory requirements and corporate procedures.
  • Assist the SQM/LSQE in the preparation of specific Project Quality Plan (PQP).
  • Assist/support the site team for the effective implementation of quality managements systems as specified in the PQP.
  • Develop and implement project specific filing system as described in the PQP in conjunction with PM/RE/SQM/LSQE and SDC.
  • Maintain the drawing register, transmittal notes, revisions; control of “construction issue” drawing lists and municipality approved permit drawing lists in conjunction with PM/RE/SQM/LSQE and SDC.
  • Develop and carry out Site Surveillance Audit system with the support of site team.
  • Update, follow up and maintain Non-conformance notices /report log (issue, actioned and closed)
  • Develop effective inspection/assessment strategies and Test plan.
  • Analyse current methods of site inspection and provide recommendations for continuous improvement.
  • Assist the site team to compile Site Feedback and forward to the SOD.
  • Assist the site team in the satisfactory close out of the project including snagging/desnagging of the works and related documentation.
  • Review and compile all documents at final handing-over for submission to the Client.
  • Assist the PM/RE/SQM/LSQE in compilation of all documents for the issuance of the Taking-Over Certificate.
  • Assist SRE/RE/SQM/LSQE in the supervision of the works to ensure compliance with the contract documents.
  • Assist/support the site team and the respective SRE/RE/SQM/LSQE with the implementation of quality management systems.
  • Assist in the site team in the external and internal audits to ensure the effective implementation of quality management systems and work with the site team for resolution of non-conformance issues.
  • Liaise with the project supervision team, coordinate and resolve any issues of concern.
  • Implementation of all quality audits, surveillance audits and work with site team for resolution of non-conformance issues.
  • Review the Contractor’s Inspection Test plan and review all QA/QC documentation.
  • Inspect randomly the works carried out by the contractor(s) and ensure the quality of the works meets the project requirements.

Contractor Interface

  • Follow up inspections of the works and material delivered at site is as per the Contractor’s Inspection Test Plan.
  • Provide necessary technical reports/recommendation as required for any project specific issues.
  • Attend meetings as required.
  • Regularly co-ordinate and conduct site Quality issues meeting with Contractors.
  • Monitor contractor’s Inspection Test Plan and provide recommendations.
  • Notify the contractor for the failure in implementing effective Quality procedures.
  • Notify the contractor on time to time site observations and quality deficiencies.
  • Raise Non-conformance notices and review corrective actions.
  • Notify reoccurring non-conformances and implement preventive actions.
  • Tracking of NCN’s, review corrective action procedures and close out details.
  • Notify the contractor for the delay in submission of Test report/results.

SO Office Interface

  • Coordinate leave request and discuss leave cover with the SQM/LSQE.
  • Liaise with OMSOD for all HR / Finance / Administrative issues.
  • Liaise with the SQM/Lead QA/QC Engineer for any particular project site related issues requiring input and/or feedback.

Functional Duties

  • Liaise with the contractor’s QA/QC Manager/Engineer for day to day quality issues.
  • Assist RE/SQM/LSQE in all respect of Quality related issues.
  • Random inspection of on-site materials, off-site materials to be used in the project.
  • Review and comment on submittals, including Test results, method statements, materials and alternate proposals submitted by contractors.
  • Co-ordinate with site team and participate in Mock-up Inspections.
  • Recheck for all approval/drawing status prior to final approvals by the PM/RE/SQM/LSQE.
  • Advise the contractor for required changes in ITP for continual improvement.
  • Raise NCNs, SINs and identify quality deficiencies.
  • Perform Internal Audits and Site Surveillance Audits.
  • Review quality procedures and effectively implement QA/QC plans across the project.
  • Identify any particular site safety issues and bring to the notice of the contractor / SHSEE / PM/RE.
  • Monitor performance of the contractor / sub-contractor and identify, raise any quality / workmanship concerns with the SQM/LSQE / SRE/RE.
  • Carry out, witness all tests carried out by the contractor on-site and off-site tests.
  • Inspect randomly the works, on-site material, off-site material to be used in the project.

Line Management / Administrative Duties

  • Update and maintain the latest revision of all project documents
  • Review, coordinate and forward submittals, inspection requests, technical query to the project team and/or discipline engineers.
  • Assist the project site team during internal and external audits.
  • Coordinate leave request and discuss leave cover with the SQM/LSQE.

Prepare and regularly (weekly) submit reports and maintain records.

Rewards & Benefits

We offer an excellent package which includes:

  • A competitive salary
  • Transportation allowance
  • Medical and life insurance cover
  • 26 calendar days annual leave
  • Company gratuity scheme
  • Discretionary bonus scheme
  • Annual flight allowance to point of origin

Job Details:

Company: Atkins

Job Type: Full Time

Job Location: Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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