How Does a 4-Day Workweek Improve Productivity?

A 4-day workweek sounds more like a distant dream than an achievable reality, but there are businesses that have found success with shorter workweeks. This tendency has been on the rise in recent months. This will give people time to enjoy their lives outside of work as well as have time to take care of … Read more

9 Interview Questions To Ask Candidates (Thought-Provoking)

Bechtel Careers

To attract and retain top talent in today’s competitive market, many businesses retain top talent in order to remain successful. One of the most effective ways is for companies to hire candidates with the right skill sets. Whether conducting phone interviews or on-site interviews, you should always ask interview questions that will provide you with … Read more

What to Wear to a Job Interview (A Guide for Men & Women)

What to Wear to a Job Interview

There’s no doubt that dressing appropriately for an interview can help you to feel more confident and make a great first impression on the person(s) interviewing you. That said, if you arrive in clothing that isn’t appropriate or isn’t up to your potential employer’s standards, it could work against you when it comes time to … Read more