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Are you tired of wasting time scrolling through job websites that don’t offer anything relevant to your field? Or are you tired of sending out CVs and getting no response? If so, Emirates Global Aluminium may be the perfect place for you! So don’t hesitate any longer and check the latest EGA careers below! EGA … Read more

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It’s a myth that only the big names in the business world can offer good job opportunities. Small businesses, like Alokozay, also provide a wealth of jobs for talented and skilled professionals. With its strong commitment, Alokozay careers are available to people from a variety of backgrounds. Alokozay is a great place to start your … Read more

Creating opportunities in the manufacturing sector will help the UAE to achieve its vision to be among the best 10 countries in the world. There are a variety of different jobs available in the UAE manufacturing sector, from those that deal with different aspects of production to those that help to maintain and repair equipment. An important consideration when looking for work in the manufacturing sector is whether or not you want to work in an office or factory environment.

The manufacturing sector is an interesting one to work in, as it provides a lot of job opportunities for those with varying levels of experience.

Manufacturing Job Descriptions

Manufacturing is a process that transforms raw materials into finished goods. There are many different types of manufacturing jobs and each one has its own unique set of requirements. Some of the most common include metal fabricators, computer-aided design (CAD) engineers, machinists, and production supervisors.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Maintains and operates the computer numerically controlled machine tool.
  • Maintains production rate and quality standards.
  • Relies on instructions from more senior members of the production team.
  • Coordinates with other members of the production team.
  • Uses machine to cut, shape, grind, drill, or smooth materials.
  • Prepares work for machines by selecting materials and cutting to a specific size.
  • Perform assembly, testing, and inspection of a variety of products.
  • Identify and correct production defects.

Qualification and Experience:

The minimum educational requirement for manufacturing jobs in UAE is a high school diploma or equivalent. While having a bachelor’s degree or higher can make you more marketable, advanced degrees aren’t necessarily required to land a job as a manufacturing employee.

Individuals who have technical certifications related to manufacturing are also preferred. Candidates with prior experience, knowledge of specific equipment, and people skills tend to have an advantage when seeking employment opportunities.

Salary and Benefits:

A career with a manufacturing company has many advantages. An excellent salary and benefits package is one of them. The salary offered depends on a number of factors, including location, experience, and qualifications.

Benefits include healthcare insurance and retirement plans (401k). As you rise through the ranks at a manufacturing company, you will be rewarded with bonuses that can reach up to 20% of your monthly income!