UAEU Employment – Research Assistant, Architectural Engineering

United Arab Emirates University

Job Description

The Architectural Engineering Department at the United Arab Emirates University is seeking a research assistant in the area of Outdoor and indoor Thermal comfort. The research assistant should be knowledgeable of energy modelling, passive and active strategies to reduce energy consumption and Urban Heat Island effect. The candidate should be able to model, analyze and determine statistically the variables that will influence the coupling b/w indoor and outdoor thermal comfort using ANN and sensitivity analysis. The preferred candidate should have some work done in his/her master’s degree regarding UHI and demonstrated experience in the field of sustainability, digital twin and have a PhD degree in relevant field.

Minimum Qualification

An appropriate educational degree supplemented with documented evidence to support the following:

  • Skilled in BIM and energy modelling
  • Ability to analyze models using advanced statistics like ANN and Knowledgeable in latest software like digital twin
  • Good technical writing
  • Flexible approach and initiative in executing the role.

Preferred Qualification

  • Command of modelling and analysis
  • Command of sustainability concepts and how to implement in a pragmatic manner
  • Demonstrable willingness to support work in the lab and collaborate with other research organizations
  • Be adaptable and flexible to the continuous changes associated with research demands
  • Commitment to provide a safe and healthy workplace

Division College of Engineering – (COE)

Department As.Dean for Research&Grad.Std.- COE

Job Close Date 30-09-2022

Job Category Academic – Research Assistant

Job Details:

Company: United Arab Emirates University

Job Type: Full Time

Job Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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