United Arab Emirates University Careers – Research Assistant (Electromagnetic scattering and absorption)

United Arab Emirates University

The Electrical and Communication Engineering Department at the United Arab Emirates University is seeking a research assistant in the area electromagnetic scattering and absorption. The research assistant should be knowledgeable of fundamental concepts of electromagnetics, as well as in calculus. The preferred candidate should have a basic experience in elementary mathematical programming. Preferred a candidate with a B.S. qualification, or in the senior-undergraduate-level B.S. program.

An appropriate educational degree supplemented with documented evidence to support the following:

  • Mathematical programming tools (i.e., Mathematica, MATLAB, etc.).
  • Ability to conduct literature review.
  • Ability to process and analyze data.
  • Good technical writing skills.
  • Flexible approach and initiative in executing the role.

Job Details:

Company: United Arab Emirates University

Job Type: Full Time

Job Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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